AT&T Bundling HBO Max With Its Wireless Services: A No-Brainer

LAS VEGAS --- As its wireless competitors have done recently with non-owned premium OTT platforms, AT&T will bundle its forthcoming owned-HBO Max service in packages for its wireless customers.

Speaking at the Citi 2020 Global TMT West Conference on Wednesday during the Consumer Electronics Show, John Stephens, senior executive vp/chief financial officer of AT&T, said:

“I kind of look at my competitors on the wireless side and see one of them bundling Netflix [T-Mobile] and you see another one bundling Disney [Verizon] and I get that... I actually smile because it reinforces our thought processes on HBO Max.”

Unlike T-Mobile and Verizon, of course, AT&T owns both a premium TV digital service, HBO Max (through its WarnerMedia unit) and broadband/mobile services.



For some time now, T-Mobile has been offering free Netflix to its broadband/wireless customers who have two or more mobile lines. Verizon recently struck a promotion deal in November in offering a free initial year of Disney+ to its customers. The latter helped Disney+ launch with 10 million-plus subscribers.

Stephens said: “We'll have HBO Max coming out, and we'll have tremendous packages for our wireless customers to bundle with those,” but did not provide details.

AT&T has said it is making an initial TV/movie content production investment of $1.5 billion to $2 billion for HBO Max.

AT&T has already said it will offer HBO Max to around 10 million existing HBO subscribers on AT&T distribution platforms at no additional charge.  HBO Max launches in May 2020 at $14.99 a month.

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