MessageGears Unveils Data Access Tool

MessageGears, a customer marketing platform serving enterprise marketers, has launched a product designed to simplify data access and usage for email personalization on the 1:1 Level. Developed by MessageGears, it is being co-promoted in partnership with Movable Ink.

The new offering, Engage, allows brands to access internal customer and offer data without IT involvement, the company says.

This is in line with the firm’s mission of eliminating “the barriers that prevent brands from being able to fully take advantage of the creativity of their marketing teams to be able to effectively use their data,” states MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette.

Engage allows brands to create campaigns without being impeded by stale or trapped data while supporting massive query volumes, the company says. When sending push messages, the team can see the latest sales and real-time inventory updates.

Engage is useful for brands that are already creating personalized content with leading solutions such as Movable Ink, Message Gears says.



For its part, Movable Ink approves of the new offering. 

Engage enables “our enterprise-level clients to get access to additional real-time data for driving even deeper and more comprehensive personalization in their campaigns,” states Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma. 

Sharma adds that Engage is “an example of what’s possible when you bring data together with Movable Ink to automate personalized content at scale.”

MessageGears claims the data access enabled by Engage and Movable Ink's intelligent creative helps marketers activate data wherever it exists to generate 1:1 personalization at the moment of engagement. 

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