OutboundEngine Launches Franchise Marketing Platform

SaaS provider OutboundEngine has debuted a new platform that it says allows brands to collaborate with local owners and agents on outbound marketing.

The new product, Harmony, provides local brand representatives with a suite and dashboard covering email, social and reputation management.

"For years, brands have only had access to platforms that still require the franchisees to do the heavy lifting,” states Marc Pickren, CEO of OutboundEngine.

Pickren claims that with Harmony, “the entire process of email, social, advertising and reviews, along with sourcing the highest potential leads, is taken care of." 

Franchise and agent network businesses must share costs and the marketing burden with brands and local owners, but the messaging must be consistent: If it is not, this creates friction and can damage the brand, the company says.

“The tenure for franchise CMOs is well below the already low 43-month average job-span of CMOs, who are tasked more than ever to show concrete revenue attribution for their efforts,” states Corey O’Donnell, owner and CEO of Synthesis Marketing Consulting. 

O’Donnell adds that, as with a musical conductor, it’s time for Harmony to give the CMO “his instrument to conduct the network.” 



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