Gmail Flaw Prevents Blanket Deletion Of Spam In Android: Report

The popular Gmail app has a display bug that prevents blanket deletions of spam and promotions on Android, according to a report in Android Security.

Users who mark unwanted email as spam or delete message threads have a “new annoyance” to deal with: removal of the option to completely get rid of spam and unwanted messages, the report states.

Previously, the Empty trash now and Empty spam features appeared at the top of the email list when the user checked their trash and spam folders, Rita El Khoury writes.

In the case of the spam folder, “you can still delete messages after selecting them, but that'll just move them to the trash, where they'll have to wait 30 days to be automatically deleted for good,” El Khoury says.

However, the web interface still works.

It’s not clear how spam is being defined here — as malicious email or merely unwanted email.

The report concludes that the Gmail team is aware of the flaw and is working on it.


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