FAANG Stocks Grow 18% In TV Ad Spending In 2019

Five big media tech stocks -- Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, the so-called FAANG stocks -- continue to increase their collective TV advertising spending.

VAB, the video advertising group, says total spend was up 18% in 2019 versus the year before and was 26% higher over the last five years to $2.6 billion.

Last year, Amazon spent $1.1 billion, while Apple spent $608.7 million, Google spent $465.8 million, Facebook spent $346.1 million and Netflix spent $84.9 million.

Amazon focused its biggest TV spend on online retail (34%), smart technology home products (19%) and video streaming (18%).

Apple's main product pushes were around mobile phones (62%) and video streaming (14%). Google also pushed most of its TV spend on mobile phones (34%) search (24%); and technology home products (23%).

Nearly 50% of Facebook spend was on social networking with technology products next (35%). Netflix focused all its efforts around video streaming.

The video ad group says the collective spend of the FAANG stocks would be $450 million more than Procter & Gamble ($2.15 billion), the biggest overall TV spender last year.




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