Virtual Reality Is Growing In Importance: Study

Commerce Connected Playbook, the new report from content provider PYMNTS, is hardly timely. 

Obviously created prior to the pandemic outbreak closed down stores, it states that “in-store shopping still fills a void that online and mobile browsing have yet to replace.” 

Not this week. Still, it is probably correct in stating that mobile is the comer, despite a statistic showing that only 14% of retailers consider themselves mobile-first organizations.

Being prepared for mobile is essential for brands using email marketing. So is personalization.

The study states that consumers expect mobile, online shopping and in-store experiences  to be individualized.

In addition, it reports that virtual reality technologies will generate $1.8 billion via retail and marketing through 2022.

Moreover,  72% of millennial and Gen Z customers will try visual search options, the study continues.

Retailers need to engage consumers in the channels they prefer. Email ranks high in virtually every other study.

For example, 35% of retail prefer email prior to a shopping visit, versus 19% who like text, enVista, an ecommerce software and consulting firm, recently reported in the 2020 Customer Engagement Survey.

Further metrics on these issues may have to wait until retail stores begin opening again.





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