U.S. Marketers Ramping Up COVID-19-Themed Commercials

U.S. marketers are growing their COVID-19-themed commercials, as 63 marketers across 10 industries have aired COVID-19 creatives, according to iSpot.tv.

From Feb. 26 through March 26, over a quarter of 95 different COVID-themed creatives have aired -- with 26.5% from government agencies, 25.5% from automotive brands, 22% from restaurants, 19% from electronics/communications and 4% from life/entertainment marketers. The travel industry -- perhaps one of the hardest-hit industries -- is at a 3% share.

Total COVID-19 impressions come to 4.3 billion to date, according to iSpot.tv.

Looking specifically at individual marketers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is tops among all advertisers when it comes to total impressions concerning COVID-19 -- a 15% share.

Burger King is next at nearly 10% -- with messaging focusing on "contactless" food delivery. Other restaurants -- such as Denny's and IHOP -- are advertising no delivery fees for take out orders.



The top advertisers for COVID-19 related messaging: American Red Cross, “Coronavirus Outbreak” (265.8 million impressions); CDC, “Alone Together” (254.6 million); Mike Bloomberg 2020, “Coronavirus” (229.5 million); Chevrolet, “Chevy Cares: Doing Our Part” (191.6 million); and CDC, “Covid-19” (187.5 million).

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