Digital Agency Havas Helia Selects MessageGears As Email Provider

Havas Helia, a digital relationship marketing agency, has chosen MessageGears as its preferred email and direct marketing provider, and will promote the MessageGears platform to its client base.

The MessageGears platform, which links brands with data warehouses and other such sources of customer data, will be offered as part of Havas Helia’s managed mar-tech service.

The objective is to provide the agency’s clients with “significant improvement of timely and meaningful customer connections, micro-segmentation, and activation relative to traditional marketing clouds,” states Shay Young, managing director, Havas Helia.

Havas Helia, the group within Havas Creative North America that manages the personally identifiable information held by clients, will be the first agency partner to have its resources certified on the MessageGears platform.

The arrangement will allow a client’s mar-tech stack to be managed by the agency, much like ad technology, Havas Helia claims. This will provide cost and operational benefits, it adds.



“The current model where a brand has to go out and buy an expensive martech suite product and then try to piece together the internal skills to manage all the tools is not efficient or effective,” states Michael Kaushansky, president of Havas Helia U.S. 

MessageGears serves such enterprise clients as Expedia, Chick-fil-A, and Rakuten Rewards.





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