Survey Reveals Daily Strains On Working Parents During Pandemic

Working parents want brands during the COVID-19 pandemic to help them with everyday tasks like keeping their kids productive or connecting with other employed parents, according to a new study from Berlin Cameron, Luminary and Kantar.

One in two (49%) wish they could use brand-developed content as an incentive to keep their children productive, 42% want brands to provide more content that educates and entertains, 35% are seeking tools to improve scheduling, 31% want tools to improve the process of doing chores, and 24% wish brands would celebrate them.

Women, notably, are 10% more likely than working dads to desire brands’ recognition and thanking them for their jobs.

“As a working mom myself, I’ve been feeling the pressure of trying to teach my two young kids at home while keeping up my busier than ever work schedule,” says Jennifer DaSilva, President, Berlin Cameron. “It can feel like you’re juggling too many things and something is bound to fall.”



The research reveals working parents are more likely than those without children to feel this crisis has negatively impacted their lives. Two in three (66%) say it has damaged their mental health. Nearly three in 10 (28%) have seriously considered asking to be furloughed or quit their jobs due to their situation at home.

“While we’re all doing our best to make it work, knowing that we’re not alone in the struggle provides comfort and allows us to ditch the notion of that unattainable perfection,” adds DaSilva.

One in four working moms and dads (26%) have reevaluated their parenting approach in light of the crisis, while a similar percentage (25%) feel like they are failures. Some 14% admit to have cried in their car or closet. Collectively, parents choose “challenged” or “overwhelmed” as the words to describe their current situation.

“For me, what this boils down to is that we’re all looking for support and community,” says DaSilva. “Marketers should be looking for ways to make working parents’ lives easier – whether that’s keeping the kids entertained or helping us connect to a broader network.”

Nonetheless, these parents are appreciative this virus is revealing their lifestyles to coworkers. More than four in 10 parents (42%) think it’s refreshing for others see the realities of working parents on virtual meetings or phone calls while 29% feel there are fewer expectations and more vulnerability in showing their true selves. And 16% enjoy challenging the notion that parents need to be in the office to get work done.

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