What's A Bearded Fella To Do About Wearing A Mask?

We got to wondering how men with long beards are dealing with masks during the pandemic so we turned to a MediaPost favorite, Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand. Having just come off paternity leave after having a son with his wife last month, Bandholz created a video that shows a couple of options for the bearded among us.

Using a shemagh or a keffiyeh, he simply created a triangle and tied it around the back of his head. Alternatively, he wrapped it around his head, letting each end fall onto his shoulders (as pictured), allowing him to pull the scarf down when it wasn't needed. And, finally, he wrapped it around his head and drew the ends underneath the V-shape over his nose and mouth and tied it underneath — again, allowing it to be removed temporarily.

Bandholz admitted he doesn't cotton to the smaller masks on the market but he did allow as to how bearded guys could wear one beneath the keffiyeh. Wearing a mask, he said, doesn't necessarily protect one from getting the virus but it does protect others should you be carrying COVID-19.

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