Litmus Integrates Its Email Previews With SAP Marketing Cloud

Litmus has integrated its Email Previews application with SAP Marketing Cloud in a move to streamline collaboration across email marketing teams.

The objective is to help marketers “optimize their email testing and development processes by leveraging the customer data that SAP provides to truly understand what customers want out of a marketing email,” states Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus.

The integration, available to Litmus enterprise customers, enables teams to test emails as they are built and gain insights into engagement, the firm says.

Users of SAP Marketing Cloud can preview their emails through that service’s email editor, via Litmus Email Previews.

One Litmus client, Altos, found that Litmus has simplified the email process “from ideation through building, testing, sending, and beyond,” says Conor Snell, social media and content strategist at Altos.

“Email marketers often find themselves wasting time and effort because of lack of collaboration between platforms and the inability to test early and often,” Nierenberg comments.





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