Infutor Launches Service To Help Brands Get Ready For Cookie-Less Future

Infutor has introduced a new tool to help companies link their first-party CRM data and achieve identity resolution in preparation for cookie-less marketing. 

The new offering, CRM FreshLink, is a data-as-a-service product that enable brands to have “the most robust first party data assets at all times,” states Gary Walter, CEO of Infutor. 

CRM FreshLink connects a person's persistent ID, and scores customer contact points for accuracy, including emails, names, phone number and addresses, the firm says, as well as adding demographic, lifestyle and property attributes that aid in modeling and segmentation.

The service also leverages the firm’s TrueSource Identity Graph of more than 260 million consumers and 97.5 million daily updates.

Brands face “depreciation of third party cookies,” Walter notes. But only 10% of marketers have moved from them, according to Infutor. 

The firm points to a Forrester study that states: “Merging customer, media cost, and marketing response data is a cumbersome process; it requires extensive data collection, audits, cleansing, and data joins."

Walter adds that with “millions of address, email and phone number changes each year, the best marketing programs will fail if first-party CRM data is inaccurate and outbound reach only connects with a fraction of the intended audience.”

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