Study Finds Consumers Feel They Are More Dependent On Media Tech, But It Makes Life More Complicated

Consumers are expressing an increasing paradox about the impact of media technology on their lives -- feeling more connected and more dependent on the one hand, but also that it makes their lives more complicated -- according to findings of a multinational study conducted by GlobalWebIndex for Worldwide Partners, a network of more than 70 independent, owner-led agencies.

The study also drills into a variety of influences, especially the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the acceleration of new consumer experiences -- particularly tele-health, retail, travel and tourism -- as well as the need for more human interaction.

In fact, Worldwide Partners is positioning these shifts as part of a marketing evolution and refocus from so-called "consumer experience" (CX) to "human experience" (HX).

While that positioning is not entirely new for the advertising industry, the study's findings about the dichotomy that media technology is creating of efficiency vs. humanity suggests consumer marketing is on the verge of a fundamental shift.



“More than all its features and benefits combined, a brand's human experience will determine its ultimate value,” Worldwide Partners CEO John Harris explains in a statement, adding: “HX is the new premium. It’s a step change from the customer experience standard. Where CX identifies you, HX understands you.”

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