RollWorks Debuts Tool For Tracking B2B Buyer Intent

RollWorks has launched a new product for identifying the significant spike of B2B account-based activity that helps salespeople connect with buyers. 

The new tool, Sales Insights, tracks such intent signals as website engagement and advertising clicks to drive alerts in Salesforce and via daily email alerts, the company says. 

The goal is to provide sellers with “timely, relevant and actionable information for more efficient sales outreach to the accounts that matter,” says Robin Bordoli, president of RollWorks.  

In addition, the service provides a “companion experience where sellers already spend a majority of their time, in both Salesforce and email so there's no need to login or learn a new application,” states Justin Cooperman, vice president of product, RollWorks.

According to the company, Sales Insights provides:

  • Account spike data
  • Email account alerts
  • Salesforce reports and dashboards
  • Salesforce account component

 RollWorks is a division of NextRoll, Inc.



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