LiveIntent And FullContact Partner On Identity Resolution Across Channels

Marketing platform LiveIntent is partnering with FullContact, a provider of identity resolution services, to help brands map data across channels as they prepare for a cookie-less world. 

The objective is to put ”control of person-level information into the hands of the marketer to create competitive differentiation,” says Kurt Hawks, chief revenue officer of FullContact.

The arrangement allow users to map offline and online data, using an omnichannel ID, the firms say. 

LiveIntent brings to the table its stableID, or nonID -- a way of predicting the primary email address associated with a device or browser.  

And FullContact is supplying its PersonID a “persistent, portable identifier” that it says is mapped to PII, business and personal identifiers, mobile ad IDs, emails, and social handles.

The result is that “marketers and publishers can thrive in a world without third-party cookies,” states Matt Keiser, founder and CEO of LiveIntent.

Keiser adds that users can “perform measurement and attribution, execute people-based marketing, trigger emails, drive personalization, achieve Identity Resolution” and responsibly perform consent management. 

In addition, the partnership extends 1:1 customer recognition to website visits, onboarding/media placements, call centers, loyalty programs/CRM and omnichannel measurement, the companies claim.  

The mapping capability works across devices, channels, and platforms, the companies say.



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