SparkPost Expands Its IntelliSeeds Email Data Network

Email delivery/analytics firm SparkPost has expanded its IntelliSeeds email data offering to include 24 additional ISPs.

The company has expanded its reach in Europe, and now covers Poland, France, Germany, and Hungary, along with China and Korea.

The goal is to help marketers coping with partial access to email performance data, states George Schlossnagle, co-founder and chief evangelist at SparkPost.

The expanded IntelliSeeds network allows brands to understand how their global email communications are performing, the company claims. 

Launched last year, IntelliSeeds works in concert with traditional data seeds, combining that input with permissioned panel data. 

However, SparkPost contends that traditional seedlists have trouble capturing accurate data from Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook because these services have moved to engagement-based AI-driven filtering.

Schlossnagle argues that intelligence on email performance “is critical to an organization's ability to know how well they're meeting the needs of their audiences.”




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