Bonterra Highlights 'Earth-Saving' Tasting Notes

Bonterra Organic Vineyards aims to appeal to consumers who are looking to change the world with their purchase power, while gently poking fun at clichés associated with wine tasting.

The “Tastes Like Saving the Planet” campaign from Humanaut highlights the environmental credentials of the winery.

Consumers are invited to “experience the delicious, totally tasteful taste of saving the planet.” Bonterra’s tongue-in-cheek 90-second video will also air in 30-second,15-second and 6-second cutdowns on Hulu and YouTube, as well as on social and programmatic video including a targeted mix of culinary-, entertainment- and wellness-tailored digital media networks.

The brand’s sales were up 18% this year even before the ad campaign. More people have been drinking wine during the pandemic, according to the Wine Intelligence’s U.S. COVID-19 Impact Report which polled a nationally representative sample of 2,000 monthly wine drinkers.



Selected as the 2020 California Green Medal winner in the Environment category, Bonterra has farmed exclusively organically since 1987. In developing the campaign, Humanaut tapped into Bonterra’s goal to grow awareness among wine drinkers who are regular buyers of natural and organic food but don’t necessarily apply that same logic to their wine purchases.

This meant satirizing the absurdity of modern wine tasting notes -- like “pencil shavings” or “fresh tennis balls”  -- as a vehicle for calling out the deeper benefits of Bonterra’s winemaking practices.

One spot opens with a stereotypically pompous wine drinker likening his wine’s bouquet to raked leaves and shuttlecock, then cuts to people tasting Bonterra wines and remarking that “the nose on this is biodiversity” and “it’s got a big ethically farmed finish.”

Research indicates that consumers are more receptive when communications about sustainability- and climate-focused topics incorporate humor, says Rodrigo Maturana, vice president of marketing for Bonterra.

“The new campaign allows us to make meaningful connections with the many wine fans who care about the environment and also appreciate a lighthearted approach,” Maturana says in a release. 

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