CloudHQ Offers Halloween Email Templates

Email management firm cloudHQ has updated its Google Chrome extensions to allow small businesses to create Halloween email marketing blasts.

The new offering, Gmail Email Templates by cloudHQ, allows users to utilize email design templates without hiring a graphic designer, the firm says. 

It may be a little late to sent out Halloween blasts, but those are not the only options available. 

The company has a library of almost 500 templates to serve a variety of needs, the company says.  

Users can customize the templates for their own purposes, the company adds. 

The templates provide attractive formatting, and “you know that you can just replace their name with your name, and their pictures with your pictures,” states Naomi Assaraf, CMO of cloudHQ.

Assaraf adds that “people have skimmed their teams, so they're asking, how can I do more with less?” 




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