Horizon, IHeartMedia Team For Data Integration Deal

Horizon Media is announcing an agreement with iHeartMedia to integrate their respective data platforms to provide greater visibility into total audience impressions for Horizon clients.

This partnership will combine iHeartMedia’s SmartAudio platform that claims first-party listening data across its more than 270 million listeners by market, station and daypart, with Horizon’s connected marketing platform, blu., that has access to 283 million-plus individuals in the U.S.

The main idea is that this combined analytics asset will build more specific audience demographics and pinpoint individuals that present the highest potential value for clients.

Horizon benefits from the greater visibility into total audience impressions, while iHeartMedia will have the opportunity to optimize broadcast radio plans with those audiences.



This mutual data integration will be the first time iHeart has mapped an agency’s full identity graph within its SmartAudio platform, says Justin Nesci, Executive Vice President of Advanced Audio & Data Revenue for iHeartMedia. The deal was designed to be “very strategic” with the degree of integration.

Horizon, for its part, has developed several programs viewed as first-ever deals that the agency views as potentially becoming industry standards. In 2015, the agency launched a pilot test of the first live programmatic transaction for spot radio with Jelli, the largest technology platform for the global radio market.

It then partnered with Jelli’s demand-side platform SpotPlan as the first media agency to power all of its programmatic radio ad buying operations for several of its clients agency-wide. The blu. SmartAudio Audiences will be available for buyers within Jelli’s demand-side platform for planning purposes. 

The agency also extended its use of SpotPlan to activate audio upfronts on behalf of clients.


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