Automated Emails Drove 27% Of Online Orders In November: Study

Black Friday brought in total ecommerce sales of $9.03 billion, 21.6% increase YoY. And Cyber Monday saw $10.84 billion in sales to Black Friday & Cyber Monday, an infographic from Omnisend. 

Email played a big part.  

One of eight email clicks resulted in a sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On Giving Tuesday, one of six clicks led to a sale.  

In addition, 27% of November orders were from automated email messages. Also 43% of automated email orders occurred during the Cyber Ten period — the Sunday before Black Friday through Giving Tuesday.  

These four message types accounted for 95% of automated orders on Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Cart abandon, browse abandon, product abandon and welcome. 

Welcome messages did the best of all, drawing a 75% conversion on Black Friday and 63% on Cyber Monday.  

Cart abandon messages pulled a conversion rate of 59% on Black Friday and 49% on Cyber Monday.

Browse abandon messages generated a 30% conversion on Black Friday and 26% on Cyber Monday.  

Product abandon messages achieved a 37% conversion rate on Black Friday an 27% on Cyber Monday.  

SMS achieved 72% of November orders during the Cyber Ten period, and 19% on Black Friday.

Meanwhile, web push messages generated a 31.7% conversion rate for the month, 38.5% during the Cyber Ten 59.5% on Sunday, November 29. 

The top five email send days were:  

  1. Black Friday
  2. Cyber Monday
  3. Thanksgiving Day
  4. Small Business Saturday
  5. Day Before Thanksgiving

The top SMS send days were:  

  1. Black Friday 
  2. Cyber Monday
  3. Small Business Saturday
  4. Day before Thanksgiving
  5. Thanksgiving Day 

The main Web push send days were: 

  1. Cyber Monday 
  2. Back Friday 
  3. Day before Thanksgiving
  4. Small Business Saturday
  5. Thanksgiving Day

The results are based on Omnisend’s analysis of activity by its clients. The company has 50,000 customers globally.  

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