Dyspatch Offers AMP For Email Service

Dyspatch is offering a mobile-oriented email theme that it says enables firms to send AMP content in emails.  

The new tool, Lightning, works with the firm’s drop-and-drag email builder. Users can create interactive emails and pre-coded AMP content blocs, the company says. 

AMP (accelerated mobile pages)  is an open-source framework designed to make mobile pages load faster.  

Extended to email, it leads to “more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences,” Google said when it announced it was working on the service in 2018.  

With AMP, email recipients can interact with content and take actions like ordering or filling out surveys within the email without having to click through to a web page. 

In the case of Dyspatch, AMP blocks are pre-loaded with an HTML fallback, the firm says on its website. That means recipients can get personalized content even if their email provider doesn’t support AMP. 



Dyspatch claims that users can increase conversions and responses with product reviews, NPS and surveys delivered via email.. 

However, based on anecdotal evidence, few brands are using AMP. 

“There has not been a lot of adoption because email marketers are stretched pretty thin,” said April Mullen, director of strategic insight for SparkPost, a service provider that supports AMP and was a launch partner with Google, in an interview last year. 

For one thing, AMP users are tasked with many operational chores—for example, they have to get themselves whitelisted on Google and other email clients.  

Still, Dyspatch notes that AMP for Email is “the biggest innovation to come to email technology since its inception.” And Mullen and most other experts would agree.


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