Aesop Names Havas As First CX Agency

Skin, hair and body care brand Aesop is appointing Havas CX as its global customer engagement agency following a competitive review.

The account will be led by Havas CX customer engagement agency, Havas CX helia, which has been tasked with developing a new global fulfillment system as well as an updated consumer loyalty program. 

The partnership will be supported strategically and operationally in key markets by a combined team from Havas CX helia in the UK and BETC Fullsix in France, which pitched together with expertise from Havas CX in Asia.

Aesop previously handled these responsibilities in-house and the decision to shift the work to outside vendors coincides with the brand’s investment in customer marketing technology. Now, the two companies will seek to leverage data to advance the cross-channel customer experience, with a focus on innovation, differentiation and digital acceleration.



One of their first priorities will be developing a stronger fulfillment program that will encourage repeat buys of its replenishable goods like hand soaps. 

Australian-based Aesop is part of the DTC wave transforming the traditional operational model that has been reliant on the top-down funnel. Aesop’s luxury priced goods — hand soap sells for $39 — is coveted among Gen Z, Millennials and social media influencers.




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