OAAA Announces Diversity Collective

The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is joining forces with non-profit Geopath to launch an equality initiative for the out-of-home (OOH) industry.

Named OOH UNITED, the new program will work collaboratively to promote a culture of inclusion to extend into all segments within the OOH industry, representing buyers, sellers and suppliers to the industry.

This council will be managed by a six-person leadership council including Michelle Costa, Clear Channel Outdoor and the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE); DJ Duronslet, Outfront Media; Marc Fenty, Horizon Media; Derek Haigler, Lamar Advertising; Kim Heintz, Clear Channel Outdoor; and Candice Simons, Brooklyn Outdoor.

OAAA and Geopath staff will jointly support the committee.

Starting this month, the group will develop a common system to determine the state of DEI practices in OOH and then establish key benchmarks that participating member companies can follow. Once the analysis is complete, the council will then work toward recruitment, inviting minority OOH businesses and the Chambers of Commerce to actively support staffing.



It will also actively encourage ongoing involvement for a more diverse industry through representations on boards, councils, and committees. Additionally, OOH UNITED will develop scholarships, internship and mentorship programs and initiatives with DEI at the core of such programming.

Each letter of the group’s name is designed to represent a foundational pillar of their goals:
U: Understand to learn how each individual contributes to a stronger OOH industry in order to have a strong DEI community.
N: Nurture to promote the professional development of future leaders within the OOH industry.
I: Involve seeks to encourage individuals across the OOH industry to improve their overall understanding about DEI.
T: Transform is the resulting outcome when individuals commit to participate in DEI actions.
E: Engagement happens when internal and external communications commit to an ongoing exchange and flow of ideas while encouraging collaboration.
D: Development will institute training, recruitment, and education.

In addition to the leadership council, a number of other top executives are joining the effort on behalf of their respective organizations, including Lamar Advertising’s Tammy Duncan-Swope, Clear Channel Outdoor’s Kenetta Bailey, Outfront Media’s Nancy Tostanoski, and Billups’ Simone Davis.
Other individuals interested in participating are invited to email info@oaaa.org for more information.


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