Mood Modulation: TV, Movie Content Key To Audience Engagement

TV discovery apps/electronic program guides continue to develop the right promotional approach when it comes to defining content -- a well as deciding how to match TV and movies with potential viewers' moods.

We are well beyond various descriptors, such as rom-coms, buddy movies and dark fantasies.

Should we head in another direction? Few if any TV and movie content might be put into a category named “lackadaisical,” “aloof” or “despondent” -- matching perhaps a more sullen TV/movie viewer.

Still, there continues to be effort to find the right engagement.

For example, digital music platform Vevo has a new artificial intelligence effort, grouping music videos by mood and allowing advertisers to determine how to engage viewers. Music grouping can be described at “joy,” “fear,” “sadness,” “hope” and “impassioned.”



Current TV and movie content descriptions on streamers’ electronic program guides can have “quirky comedies,” “witty crime procedurals” and “dangerous thrillers.”

Perhaps we should go edgier. What if the mood is one of “sarcasm,” “vengeful,” “terminally-ill/criminal minded”? Is that how one would describe former popular TV shows, such as “House,” “The Sopranos” or “Breaking Bad,” respectively?

Fans would say these shows go deeper -- complicated characters and story arcs moving in unanticipated directions.

Right now, we have typical content groupings. For example, Netflix has “casual viewing,” “cerebral TV shows, “hidden gems,” “soapy live triangle TV shows” and “mother-daughter relationship.”

HBO Max has similar stuff: “In it to Win it” (reality competition shows) and “Hanging with Bats” ("Batman"-associated movies).

HBO even went further with one movie category: “The Years of the Ox,” for films released in this particular year of the Chinese Zodiac. (2021 is one.)

The description here is that oxen are known for diligence, dependability, strength and determination. Another definition: “Hard work leads to good crops.” The downside: Oxen are not good at communicating with others or exchanging ideas and are generally stubborn.

Perhaps this is another sign: Premium streamers should wait another year to update their content discovery. Label this category "Patience."

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