Consumers Feel They're Being Emailed Too Often: Study

Shoppers are most likely to click the unsubscribe button when they feel they are being contacted too frequently, according to Navigating Disruptions to Communication, a study released Wednesday by SlickText.

This has become especially annoying for consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Among the consumers polled, 35.64% rarely open branded emails or are now less likely to do so. But 17.27% are more likely to open them, and 17.73% report no change. Only 9.36% say they always open emails from brands. 

Shoppers are also turned off by these types of message:

  • Receiving politicized content 
  • Receiving impersonal information
  • Insignificant discounts 
  • Messages that are too long 
  • Feeling targeted 

Rather, consumers want these forms of messaging:

  • Discounts
  • Order updates 
  • Product updates
  • Notifications about service disruptions
  • Messages on social distancing requirements



Here is what they prioritize most when evaluating communications: 

  • Quick to read, with just the facts
  • Easy to open
  • Fast to send
  • Reliable deliverability
  • Easy to respond to
  • Thorough, even if message is too long
  • Feels personal

“With consumers citing too frequent communication as the reason to unsubscribe, brands must find a desirable, direct way to communicate only the most relevant information or else risk losing them for good,” states Meg Scales, CMO of SlickText.


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