How Killi Unveil Makes Data Accessible To 320M Americans

Killi on Tuesday announced the launch of a product that gives U.S. consumers access to their data profile, which until now has remained inaccessible. Users of the app gain rewards for the use of their data.

The product, Unveil, provides access to about 320 million online data profiles, and allows consumers to find their profiles, authenticate their identity, and fetch the data from across the internet.

The product allows any consumer to come to Killi, input in an email address, authenticate that the information is theirs, and see the data that has been collected on them.

The digital profile is brought into the Killi ecosystem, with consent by the person, to view, edit or delete.

"There’s never been a destination for someone to log in and see all the data collected on them," said Killi Founder and CEO Neil Sweeney.

Everyone over the age of 16 has a digital profile, Sweeney says. Most profiles are sold for about $6,000 per year. Until now, he said, there has not been a place for consumers to view, edit, opt-out, or be compensated for the use of the data. 



About 200 attributes are collected about people and then sold without their permission. 

Killi has partnerships with data companies and publishers that hold this data. 

Unveil is limited to U.S. users, but will expand in the coming months to additional countries that Killi supports, including Australia, Singapore, Canada, and New Zealand. 

The U.S. market is the most significant global data market, with estimates of its value exceeding $247 billion.

The world’s data market is in flux due to privacy legislation changes and the deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, two variables used to track and target consumers.

These changes are forcing businesses with a dependency on data to look for new transparent, privacy-compliant data sources to power their models.

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