Movable Ink And Xtremepush Partner On Content Delivery

Movable Ink and Xtremepush have teamed up to provide personalized content in real-time to Xtremepush clients. 

Xtremepush is a customer engagement and data platform. Movable Ink a personalized content platform. 

The arrangement allows users to generate live pricing, product reviews, abandoned cart CTAs, loyalty point visualizations and other personalized content based on behavior, the firms say.

The content will render in across email, mobile and push communications at the moment of engagement, the firms say. 

The goal is to help brands provide “seamless and hyper-relevant experiences across channels,” states Neil Basi, senior director, client experience at Movable Ink.

Clients who have tried the service say it helps them deliver contextually relevant content. 

“The joint solution allows us to build personalized campaigns, combining data from both systems, as well as external sources with customer consent, to create outstanding customer experiences,” says Ric Leask, marketing director of LiveScore and Virgin Bet.



Basi says that while “brands have invested heavily in data to drive more personalised experiences, many marketers still struggle to create one-to-one cross-channel interactions at scale.”

Tommy Kearns, CEO and co-founder of Xtremepush, adds that "the most impactful examples of customer engagement are built around first-party data and rich segmentation."

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