Consumers More Optimistic Following Chauvin Verdict, Move To Rejoin Paris Climate Accord: Study

Email and direct-mail response have traditionally been affected by outside events. And response should improve if new stats released by Healthline Media are any indication.

For starters, 48% feel more hopeful about the future following the Chauvin verdict and President Biden’s new commitment to the Paris climate agreement. 

Specifically, 45% of consumers say the guilty verdict in the Chauvin murder trial has had a positive effect on their mental health. Of these, 61% are African-American and 56% Asian-American. 

In addition, 57% feel positive about the U.S. re-entering the Paris agreement. 

Clearly, the results do not apply to everyone in the country, and observers may be forgiven a certain skepticism. But 57% of 35- to-44-year-olds and an equal number of people living in the West of the country are most positive following these recent events. 

If those consumers are on your customer list, it’s time to send them some email offers. 





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