Mother's Day In-Person Plans, Travel Up From Last Year, Microsoft And Shopkick Data Show

This Mother’s Day, 61% of those in the U.S. plan to celebrate Mom in person, and 79% say they will shop in stores for a gift this year -- up from 38% in 2020, after a year of skipped holidays and virtual gatherings on Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams, and Zoom video calls.

People are ready to hit the road, according to data released Monday.

Microsoft and Shopkick data independently released today shows an increase in travel and willingness to gather in person.

The Shopkick rewards app surveyed more than 22,000 consumers across the nation between April 7 and April 12, 2021 to gain insight into this year’s Mother’s Day plans, preparations and spending habits.



For those celebrating in person, 55% plan to make a meal at home, followed by 21% who plan to celebrate outdoors. Some 20% said they would go to a restaurant.

Gen Z is most likely to go to a restaurant this year, with 29% planning to do so, compared with 20% of Millennials, 20% of Gen Xers and 18% of Boomers.

Still, consumers are looking for deals, with 48% acknowledging that cost remains the most important factor in making a gift decision, while 19% are concerned with style, 17% cited convenience, and 16% pointed to whether or not the brand aligns with personal values.

Microsoft data suggests people are ready to hit the road. Travel and vacation searches continue to rise, but 48% of travelers considered safety and safety regulations top factors that define where they go and their vacation plans. Many are going to revisit places they know and love, and reconnect with loved ones. Microsoft analysis suggest these types of trips will continue to grow in 2021, as consumers slowly ease back into travel.

Some 45% said they would visit a place they know and love, while 42% will visit friends or family and 38% need a mental health break.

Still, 32% will go to a place they have never been, 22% will look to experience new foods and dining, 16% will explore a new area to relocate, 15% will fulfill a bucket list wish, and 14% will revisit a place they went as a child.

Beach vacations and road trips are the top two vacations that people are planning this summer. The data shows an increase in searches for Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, and Miami Beach are hot destinations, each receiving more than 400% increases in search volume compared to 2020.

Some 39% center around outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and swimming. Many will go by car. In fact, one-third of travelers are planning to vacation between 100 and 500 miles from home.

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