Consumers Will Pay A Premium For Privacy, Study Finds

Like everyone in the digital space, email marketers have heard that some consumers will pay for privacy. But is it true?

Yes, according to conjoint analysis by researcher Ajit Ghuman. But there are variances based on demographics and other factors. For instance, people under age 25 are willing to pay $2 a month, compared to $10 for those in the 25-34 age group. 

In general, 50% of consumers who subscribe to social media are willing to pay $8 a month to maintain full privacy, and 42% will pay $12. But less active online shoppers will pay $6 per month more than those who are active. 

And while males will pay more for privacy when subscribing to social media, females are much more likely to pay more when buying a smartphone. In addition, people who are very likely to consider the purchase of an Android are willing to pay $30, versus $20 for iPhone users.

The report is based on a survey conducted on March 6th, 2021, of 220 consumers. 



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