Omnicom Activates Its Post-Pandemic Return To Office Plan

While some logistics and procedures are still being finalized, Omnicom Group employees are now headed back to the office in most regions, with most staffers scheduled to return in some capacity by the fall. 

That’s according to the latest update issued this week in a companywide memo from CEO John Wren. 

“We will return to an office-centric culture as our baseline,” Wren Wrote. “We believe it enables us to invent collaborate and learn together most effectively.” 

He said that with "only a few exceptions due to local market conditions," most of the company’s offices are now open with some level of staff working at the office daily. 

In the U.S., U.K. and other parts of Europe, employees will increasingly return to office schedules over the summer with “most back in the office by early fall.” 



But Wren emphasized that return dates will vary depending on local conditions. 

The company has developed a procedure (called a workplace “dial”) for adjusting work sites depending on fluctuating health conditions by country and city. 

The company did an assessment that found that most people want to be in the office "most of the time while having some flexibility to work remotely."

Specific plans for hybrid WFH/Office "where appropriate" are still in development.



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