Telehealth Platform Takes On Menopause

Women’s telehealth site Gennev is offering a rallying cry for women entering the second half of their life.  

The online effort, which is breaking on social channels and, is centered around a 90-second video entitled “I Am The Change.” 

Creative shows women in varying midlife stages, ending in a candid anthem on what menopause really looks like: the good, the bad, and the not-so-ugly.     

Founded and led by women, Gennev is a Seattle-based digital health platform that provides comprehensive support for women in all stages of menopause. It offers a virtual clinic with OBGYNs and health coaches on staff, in addition to educational services, community, and wellness products.   



Grace Creative, a U.S. advertising agency focused exclusively on marketing to women over 50, has created the brand’s first campaign.

The goal is to reach 38 million women with the message that they’re not alone in their menopause transition, says Gennev CEO Jill Angelo.

“Second, we hope that by women sharing their story through menopause, we will have a community of women supporting women,” Angelo tells Marketing Daily. “There is a lack of education and awareness of menopause, and our goal is to get more women talking about it to spread information and decrease the stigma that exists.”

The target is women in perimenopause, because that is the phase of the transition where symptoms can be most challenging and it can feel most lonely for women, she says.

"Women’s health in menopause is long overdue for a solution,” Angelo says. “Every woman goes through menopause and experiences challenging symptoms, and yet less than 4% get the help they need to feel good in their bodies.”

Gennev helps women navigate their health and wellness journey with the help of medical professionals and information, she says.

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