WarnerMedia First Programmer To Join Comscore's National Addressable Trials

WarnerMedia is the first national programmer to participate in Comscore trials for executing and measuring national addressable linear TV inventory across multiple MVPDs and CTV providers.

WarnerMedia, whiich has implemented addressable campaigns through DirecTV, began running national addressable campaigns across multiple MVPD platforms, with aggregated measurement powered by Comscore, in late 2020, according to the measurement firm.

AT&T is now in the process of spinning off DirecTV, as well as WarnerMedia.

“We believe that addressable advertising is a premium experience and an opportunity that allows brands and agencies to reach the right audience with the right ad at the right time, while driving precision and effectiveness,” JP Colaco, head of advertising sales at WarnerMedia (above), said in a statement. “But in order to activate our premium inventory to its fullest potential in the marketplace, we believe that it is important to offer advertisers transparency in measurement through trusted third parties." 

Comscore, which has conducted measurement for local MVPD-driven addressable inventory for eight years, reports that it has been conducting national addressable measurement trials with MVPDs and CTV partners over the past year, and will soon announce those partners' names. 

Its national addressable solution will measure actual reach and frequency of households receiving addressable ads, as well as the underlying impressions rating of the remaining inventory that was not addressed, termed "under-addressable” inventory.

The solution is open to all national programmers and CTV/MVPD providers that plan to execute addressable TV campaigns as part of their national ad inventory strategy. 

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