Email Swipe File Program Is Offered

Swipes That Sell, a program that provides entrepreneurs with written swipe files for use in email campaigns, has been introduced by email specialist Brittany Bayley.

Bayley contends that mailers typically have three options: Go it alone, hire a professional copywriter, or use generic email templates.

The solution is a “a hybrid between customized emails and generic templates,” Bayley states.  

Swipes that Sell “has all of the ease of plug-and-play, but none of the sleaze,” she adds.  

The new program provides users with 31 swipe files that can be customized for six email sequences. These include new customer onboarding, webinar invitation, webinar follow-up, product launch, abandoned cart, and sales call follow-up.



In addition, there is a bonus email swipe file available for mailers that participate in joint-venture or affiliate promotions.

The program also includes a class that teaches students how to infuse their personal stories into the swipe files to make them sound more custom-written. In addition, students can access deliverability training to help them avoid the junk and spam folder.


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