Targeted Advertising May Be An Iffy Proposition. Sell Me Kettlebells!

Addressable and/or targeted advertising has not been working for me.

In that context, let’s pretend there’s some real identifiable data is at work here -- directed at me as a consumer.

Yes, I’m an older guy, and I don’t like to climb ladders. But there is no reason for me to consider Leaf Filter -- a screening product that protects gutters. I have no clogged gutters, because, well, I don’t have gutters. (I do have a roof over my head.)

Finely tuned media and marketing executives are making somewhat loose data guesstimates. What’s the standard error here?

Now for those pharmaceutical products -- Otezla, and other products. Unfortunately for you people, I’m pretty healthy right now. I have no need to solve recurring skin issues. Botox TV ads?  I've got a few lines here and there. That said, my big issue might be my greying hair. But I’m not seeing enough coloring product TV ads. Guessing some like the way I look.



Of course, I may not be your target consumer. Since I follow the media business, I may be a tad self aware/highly sensitive to what is going on.

That said, I catch myself wondering why Vrbo believes I like vacationing in other people’s homes. Hilton? Marriott? Holiday Inn Express? Hey guys, I’m all yours. Tell me what’s new.

Guitar Center keeps after me. As I have said in the past, its messaging can come after I buy stuff -- like a guitar -- asking me to buy another semi-hollow vintage instrument. Twang.

This isn’t to say that I won’t have some need for these products in the future. So, I’m guessing some might tell me: "Hey, TV Watch. This is all about the top of the funnel awareness stuff!"

Fair enough. If I move to a new house, there might be some gutters that need attending to, and perhaps some new fangled tax-smart retirement deal will be a consideration. So Schwab might be playing the right cards.

Consumer advertising comes in a slew of platforms, along with solid-to-iffy purchase/product intent data via cookie-based browsers, scanning codes from product purchases, and other interactions.

My question: Why can’t anyone figure out I’m in the market for some chip-resistant quality kettlebells?

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