Allant And Adstra Team Up To Help Mid-Market Brands Control Their Data

Two data analytics companies — Allant Group and Adstra — are partnering to help mid-marketing and emerging brands scale their data usage and identity management in a privacy-compliant way.   

The goal is to help “companies poised for growth to take control of their data and customer engagement across all media,” states Andy Johnson, chief data officer of Adstra.

The arrangement combines Allant’s “data-wrangling” capabilities and multi-sourced data assets and Adstra’s third-party data and identity graph, adds Mary Kay Scholtens, senior vice president of data and identity services at Allant. 

This in turn “allows both our companies to leverage our core capabilities,” Scholtens says.

Allant offers data and technology services to assist brands to in understanding their customers and optimizing their marketing spent. The firm was founded over 30 years ago. 



Adstra was formerly known as ALC. Founded in 1978 by Donn Rappaport, the company offers first-party data acquisition and enhancement, identity resolution and validation, privacy support, audience segmentation and monetization capabilities.  

According to Adstra, its capabilities include:

  • Adstra Link2MeID — A “persistent person ID” linking  known and anonymous realms
  • Adstra Graph — A cloud-based identity graph that links first- and second-party data with brands
  • Adstra Privacy Insights — A consultative service for helping brands with data governance and compliance



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