New Email Tool From SparkPost Is Geared To Improve All Digital Marketing

SparkPost has launched a tool that it says can reduce the time it takes to create and send effective emails. 

The new service, SparkPost Deliverability Analytics, is designed to “help improve overall performance of email marketing campaigns, and gather important data that will give brands the edge to get the right content to the right people and drive success across all digital marketing efforts,” states Charlie Reverte, chief technology officer at SparkPost. 

In addition, it will help brands triage email campaign performance issues early, and respond to improve audience engagement, SparkPost claims.

According to the company, SparkPost Deliverability Analytics provides:

  • Automatic Inline Seeding for SparkPost senders
  • Deliverability Metrics
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Blocklist monitoring & remediation
  • Unlimited Seeding



Reverte observes that, with "commercial email volumes growing every day, and ISPs constantly changing the rules and filters, email marketers are having a harder time ensuring their emails make it to the inbox.  

The news comes as SparkPost has been acquired by MessageBird in a $600 million deal, and has in turn recently acquired Taxi for Email acquisition, an email design and productivity platform. 

In addition, SparkPost has made its Inbox Tracker, a tool that provides email deliverability analytics, available on Salesforce AppExchange. And the company expects to increase its staff headcount by 25%. 

(Note: SparkPost processes MediaPost’s email). 

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