B2B Firm UserGems Raises $2.4 Million In Seed Funding

B2B sales startup UserGems has raised $2.4 million in seed in funding and has emerged from stealth with its sales platform that it says can help brands identify buyers moving into new jobs. 

The firm claims to have over 60 mid-market and enterprise customers, including Procore Technologies, UserTesting, BrightTALK, and iWave.

The funding was provided by Uncork Capital, formerly SoftTech VC, as well as Craft Venture and other investors.

UserGems says it automates the lead generation process, generating a new lead directly in Salesforce when a customer or buyer changes their job, with their new email address, job title, company and other information.

In addition, the company monitors target companies for relevant job movements, including new executives joining, departing or being promoted.

UserGems integrates with Salesforce, Outreach.io, and other platforms. 

The company says newly hired executives spend 70% of their budget within the first 100 days in a new role as they evaluate the team and technology they have inherited.

Several clients have been using the service. 

Dwight Richards, vice president of Sales and Client Success at iWave, says that UserGems changed the prospecting process for the company. “Before targeting an account, the first thing we do now is check if there's a past iWave champion to reach out to." 

"The key is to reach out to your alumni customers at the right time and UserGems helps us achieve that at scale,” adds Steve Jones, vice president of Demand Generation at UserTesting.


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