Emplifi Debuts Email Virtual Assistant, Tool For Handling Customer Requests

Brands that need to speed up their customer-support emails at the risk of losing those shoppers have a new tool from Emplifi.

The company has added a product to its Service Cloud offering: Email Virtual Assistant (EVA). 

EVA is a tool that processes inbound emails and requests and generates responses, reducing the time and cost of customer support, the company claims. EVA learns from the way human customer-service agents respond to customer issues, and maintains a human feel to interactions, the firm notes.  

In addition, Emplifi’s Social Messenger now supports WhatsApp and Google Business Messages.

The services are designed to help brands by “automating and streamlining customer engagements across today’s key channels, email and social messaging,” says Alex George, CPO, Emplifi.



The firm has also redesigned its customer portal. 

Technology like EVA “enables businesses to respond quickly and accurately at scale, so customer care agents can focus on more meaningful, satisfying communications with customers,” states Jeff Toister, president of Toister Performance Solutions. 

Toister adds: “Consumer research reveals that brands should respond to customer emails within one hour. Yet, contact center data shows that 62% of companies fail to respond at all, and when they do reply, the message is often delayed or fails to answer the customer’s question."


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