Litmus Adds Report To Help Marketers Deal With Apple Privacy Threat

Litmus, responding to the threat from Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and iOS 15 update, has added an Apple Audience Report to its email analytics feature.  

The new offering lets marketers see a baseline of Apple Mail usage by email subscribers. This includes anonymized metrics, including open rate, email engagement, Apple reading environment, and dark mode usage.

The goal is to help brands “proactively gather insights to understand their current Apple audience better and prepare for the potential impact of Apple Mail Privacy Protection,” states Litmus CEO Erik Nierenberg. 

Without that baseline, brands will face inaccurate and inflated open rates, unworkable geolocation, prints and forwards data, and inability to conduct A/B testing of subject lines, Litmus states. 

Marketers have been concerned since Apple announced its privacy protection plan and iOS 15 update. 



The Litmus Email Client Market Share report shows that in 2020, Apple iPhone, Apple Mail, and Apple iPad accounted for nearly half of all email opens.

However, that total share has slipped from 51.1% in April to 48.6% in June. But “it’s still a huge number, and there’s no reason to expect it to fall,” a Litmus spokesperson says.  

The Litmus Email Client Market Share is based on 1.06 billion email opens worldwide. 

NBC writes on Wednesday: "Going forward, emails to consumers who use Apple mail products and opt into “Mail Privacy Protection” will appear like they were read as soon as it was sent, meaning that information won’t be very useful for marketers." 

The Apple Audience Report is available to Litmus users in the Litmus Plus and Enterprise plans.


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