Google Increases Ad Transparency With Advertiser Pages

Google will now offer users of its products more information about their ad experience with specific company products -- including new advertiser pages.

A new format -- advertiser pages -- aims to increase the amount of ad disclosures that people see. Users can access these disclosures in a new “About this ad” section.

The information will include a list of ads that a specific verified advertiser has run during the past 30 days, Mojdeh Tomsich, product manager of ads privacy and safety at Google, explains in a post published Wednesday.

Tomsich said users can tap on an ad to learn more about the advertiser, even if they don’t recognize the brand, before visiting their site or making a purchase.

Advertiser pages will launch for Search and YouTube in the coming months in the United States, and will roll out in phases to more countries in 2022. Tomsich also wrote that the company will continue to explore how to share additional data within advertiser pages over time.



Advertiser pages is part of a push to improve transparency and enhance ad disclosures who use Google products.

More than 30 million users interact with Google’s ads transparency and control menus daily.

Users engage with ads transparency and control tools on YouTube more than any other Google product. To help users make informed decisions on its platforms, Google will roll out the “About this ad” feature to YouTube and Search in the coming months. 

Users can also report an ad if they believe it violates policy. When an ad is reported, a member of Google’s team reviews it for compliance with its policies. The ad maybe taken down if deemed not appropriate.

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