B2B Brands Are Offered A Free Data Audit

Engagement platform Terminus has unveiled a free data audit to help B2B marketers ensure data accuracy for their account-based management (ABM) efforts. 

The news follows the firm’s acquisition of Zylotech, a B2B customer-data platform (CDP), and the launch of Terminus CDP.  

The free data audit will analyze CRM data with a 60-point inspection designed to spot data inaccuracies, incomplete account and contact information and discover new buying committees, the firm says. 

Terminus contends B2B CRM data is often inaccurate and incomplete. Manual efforts to clean, deduplicate and activate data are slow and expensive, it adds. 

To reverse this, the Terminus CDP helps B2B marketers audit, cleanse, enrich and manage their data, the company says. 

The Terminus CDP also helps clients in “understanding their data gaps, particularly in contact accuracy.” states Matt Belkin, COO and GM of Data for Terminus. 

At the time of the Zylotech,acquisition, Belkin argued email “has been plagued for years by poor deliverability, declining response rates and limited engagement.These are all symptoms of bad CRM data.”

The new audits are eye-opening; they also identify “new contacts within our customers’ ICP on a macro level,” Belkin claims. 

The firm’s Terminus Engagement Hub connects first- and third-party data to help understand customers and prospects and engage them via ads, email, chat and web, the firm says. 


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