Connected TV Now Comprises 40% Of Trade Desk's Business

The Trade Desk’s video ad business keeps growing -- now making up 40% of its overall revenue.

Total revenue for the demand side platform (DSP) was up 39% to $301.1 million in its third-quarter period. Net income was up 44% to $59.4 million. The Trade Desk says the percentage of its gross advertising billings grew 20% versus the third quarter 2020.

“CTV growth is not just here in the U.S,” said Jeff Green, founder-CEO of The Trade Desk in an earnings phone call on Monday. “Like last quarter, CTV spend grew more rapidly in EMEA [Europe, Middle East, and Africa] than any region in the world. Our international growth once again outpaced the domestic growth, a trend that we expect to continue over the long term.”

Currently, North America comprises 88% of its business, with international making up 12% of its business.



Green says there is especially big growth for marketers buying CTV advertising inventory for live sports. Trade Desk recently added Peacock to its platform, which will bring sports programming -- including the NFL and the English Premier League, and the Olympics.

Green says its identity “currency,” Unified ID, is being used by “many of the largest advertisers on our platform.” Although it was started by Trade Desk, Unified ID is an now “open source” measure.

“The Trade Desk shows once again the superiority of its business, with even more opportunity for growth as connected TV ads move into the mainstream, international markets gain scale, and operating leverage delivers long-term targets already this year,” says Tim Nollen, media analyst at Macquarie Research.

The company expects the next quarter to gain 22% year over year, and 29% sequentially from the third quarter.

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