Streamers Get Higher Marks For Ethical Media Than Social Networks

Digital streaming channels are generally viewed as more “ethical” than social media companies, which get overall negative results, according to a new survey.

Consumers give premium streaming platforms a “net ethical” score of 42, while social media platforms earn a negative 15 number, according to Engine Insights, a marketing research firm.

A November 8-10, 2021 survey was performed with 1,000 adults from opt-in panels, results weighted to U.S. Census data to be demographically representative.

Engine says it computes a “net ethical score” by subtracting consumers who responded "very ethical/ethical" when asking to rate a media platform, from the percentage of consumers who responded "very unethical/unethical" in rating a company

When asked how one would rate streaming services -- from "very ethical" to "very unethical," respondents gave Disney+ a 46 positive number. Discovery+ (44), Hulu (43), Netflix (43), and Amazon Prime (42) also had top “net ethical” scores. Farther down the list were ESPN+(31); Apple TV+ (28); Tubi (26), and Fubo TV (16).



By way of comparison, social media platforms earned more wide-ranging scores: Three big positive results were garnered by LinkedIn,with a 38 net ethical score; Pinterest, with a 35 number; and YouTube, with a 28. Negative results went to Tumblr (-1); Snapchat (-3); Parler (-10); Twitter (-14); TikTok (-15); and Facebook (-19).

Respondents that gave positive results to social media, by demographic group, were Gen Z (18-24) with a 12 net ethical positive score; Millennials (a 2 positive score); Hispanics (11), and African-Americans (22), according to the research company.

Some 80% of all U.S. adults say it is “very important/important” for companies to act “in an ethical and moral way.”

Across the board, virtually all demographic groups agree that being ethical matters, including Millennials (75%); Republicans (79%); Democrats (86%); male (78%); and female (83%).

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