Lytics Unveils Free Data-Connection Tool

Customer data platform Lytics has unveiled a fremium self-service tool for connecting data in cloud warehouses to ad platforms to improve audience targeting. 

The new tool, Cloud Connect, allows brands to create consumer audiences with a SQL query editor on their data warehouse and activate these targets in over 40 destinations such as as Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. 

The goal is to help brands reimagine their CDP to fit into “the new customer data architecture that sits directly on top of our customer's cloud data warehouse,” says James McDermott, CEO of Lytics. 

McDermott adds that “with the migration to the cloud for enterprise data warehousing, it’s important to acknowledge and adapt as a CDP.  

Lytics also seeks to help customers “thrive in an environment where a CDP is an additive to your cloud data warehouse, not competitive.” McDermott continues.  

Users can access the service via the Lytics website and Google Cloud Marketplace after creating an account. 





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