Movable Ink And Stensul Form Partnership, Integrate Platforms

Stensul and Movable Ink have formed a strategic partnership, and are integrating their platforms. 

The arrangement allows Movable Ink personalized content to be retrieved and added to an email being created and approved within the Stensul platform. 

Users do not have to touch raw code: Necessary Movable Ink code is included in Stensul-produced HTML, the companies claim. The integration can be deployed within any top digital marketing platform, they add. 

The goal is to help firms with two priorities — “building more personalized customer experiences and driving production efficiencies,” says Adam Stambleck, president and chief content officer of Movable Ink. 

Movable Ink is a personalization platform, while Stensul is an email creation technology firm.

Any marketing technologies must “work well with adjacent tech, and we’ve focused on rapidly expanding our ecosystem of integrations, adds Noah Dinkin, founder and CEO of Stensul.

One client, the Milwaukee Bucks, had been using the two platforms separately. At that point, Movable Ink code had to be manually copied and pasted into Stensul. And rendering tests needed to be conducted to ensure the email would display as desired.  

The integration allows a Movable Ink module to be dragged and dropped into the email created in Stensul. 

The shift has driven an increase in “the number and frequency of emails sent to subscribers, levels that have grown even higher since play resumed for the Bucks,” says Ben Conrad, vice president, digital marketing & Automation for the Milwaukee Bucks. 

The Stensul-Movable Ink integration has made creating emails nearly 25% faster than it was before as the team gets halfway into the 2021-2022 NBA season, Conrad adds. 

In general, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the team to “pivot how and what we marketed to our fans,” Conrad notes. “Our email efforts went from a focus on ticket sales to other revenue streams, like team merchandise as well as fan engagement initiatives.”


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