Sendlane Adds SMS/MMS Tools To Its Suite

Sendlane has upgraded its suite of management tools in an effort to help brands integrate the SMS/MMS channels into their B2C campaigns, including those focused on email marketing.   

Brands can now use Sendlane to send bulk messages via SMS and MMS, adding automatic tracking, personalization, images and emojis, the company says. 

In addition, a two-way reply center will enable marketers to communicate with customers who respond to SMS/MMS messages. 

The goal is to help brands “create, send and track highly personalized messages to mobile shoppers,” states Jimmy Kim, co-founder and CEO of Sendlane. 

Email remains the dominant digital channel, the firm notes. But firms see increased revenue and LTV when they use email and SMS/MMS together, it claims. 

"Having a unified tech stack across email and SMS/MMS is the key to creating optimal customer experiences,” says Eszter Dory, marketing manager at Sendlane client T-Rex Truck Products. 

The SMS/MMS suite is available to Sendlane customers on a usage-based pricing model. 

The company defines MMS as the sending of multimedia messages via text.



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