Cart Abandonments Fall Slightly Worldwide, But Remain High, Study Finds

North America has the world’s highest cart abandonment rate — 82.29% — compared with 80.01% for Europe and 80.48% for the Asia-Pacific region, according to the 2022 Ecommerce State & Trends Report, a study by SaleCycle.  

Worldwide, the cart abandonment rate fell slightly to 80.68 last year, down from 81.08% in the prior year.  

North America’s rate may have been affected by fact that the region relies more heavily on desktop sales — 45.47% of all ecommerce purchases, compared to 43.18% in Europe. 

Desktop sales are “usually linked to higher AOV products,” the study notes. “This could potentially be a deciding factor here.”  

Worldwide, mobile accounts for 56% of online sales, and desktop for 44%. The cart abandonment rate for mobile is 83.36%, and for desktop it is 85.65%.  

By category, the rate increase was highest in travel, followed by fashion and retail. All rose in 2021, but the rate fell to a high of almost 90% in travel, while it fell in the public utilities sector.

Cart abandonment emails draw the highest open rate in the travel sector — 42.02% — but the lowest conversion rate: 25.34%. In contrast, fashion emails pull a 31.47% open rate and 27.46% conversion rate.

Monday overtook Tuesday as the most popular day of the week for online sales in 2021, breaking a five-year pattern. 

Online sales tend to pick up from the 25th through the end of the month, possibly because most people get paid in the last week of the month, the study states.  

Cart abandonment rates were stable through most of the year in 2021, but declined in November and December during the holiday period. August had the second lowest rate. 

In addition, cart abandonments are highest during the first and last weeks of the month. 

The biggest days for cart abandonments Monday, and the lowest Saturday. 

The report is based on analysis of data from 8,399,948,374 online customer journeys, and from 178,161,675 emails sent and 164,234,227 online sales.



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  1. PJ Lehrer from NYU, February 21, 2022 at 2:21 p.m.

    Users do not view putting something in their cart the same way that marketers do.  My students think that a wish list site might do well.  More here...

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