MINT Offers Platform To Offset Carbon Emissions Of Digital Ads

Online advertising is go-to strategy for many clients. But it also carries an eco-price tag.

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment Review, digital ads comprise 2.3% of the planet’s total CO2 emissions.

For agencies looking for a carbon-neutral option, MINT is promoting sustainable advertising by offering a new platform feature to offset the carbon emissions advertising produces.

It has launched a service that allows an advertiser to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions and offset them by issuing a certificate to the advertiser. Offsetting means placing investments in certified offset projects.

MINT calculates a campaign’s eco-footprint, the human consumption of natural resources in relation to the earth's capacity to regenerate them, and the cost of offsetting, which is activated on projects identified by the client.



Andrea Pezzi, CEO of MINT, says: “We transform the world of advertising in a way that makes it automated, intelligent and sustainable, helping preserve the planet.”

The calculation is based on scientific methodology provided by ClimatePartner, a company committed to globally improve the living conditions of people, animals and the biosphere.

MINT also provides advertisers with tools to manage cross-channel campaigns on various ad tech and media platforms from a single interface. It utilizes AI and automation to make media buying easier and advertising more sustainable.

The global group, which offices in Milan, London and São Paulo, operates across 25 countries on four continents.
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