LG Sponsors Programming, And Produces And Streams It Too

In its effort to amplify its ongoing sponsorship deal with the NCAA, Turner Sports and CBS Sports, LG Electronics has debuted a new six-episode content series tied to March Madness called “The Rivalries.”

The series looks at some of the less well-known but longest-running competitive rivalries in college sports. 

The new program is in addition to a rotation of ads that LG Electronics is running throughout March Madness. The company’s three-year partnership provides category-exclusive marketing and distribution rights to NCAA Championship competitions.

Here is the interesting part: The new series is available exclusively on LG Smart TVs, which to me speaks to the ongoing “sliverization” of the TV landscape via the growing plethora of streaming services launched by studios, networks and now even appliance companies like LG.



Essentially, LG is upping its consumer experience effort and hoping to differentiate its TV products from others in a way that drives sales.

LG Smart TVs are loaded with a bundle of exclusive and narrowly focused streaming channels including the new NCAA Championship Channel where “The Rivalries” can be seen. The first episode, which bowed right around Sweet Sixteen time in the Tournament, recounts the story of the “Black Hills Brawl,” a long-running rivalry between two schools in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

The program was developed by LG’s in-house ad agency HS Ad USA, which tapped New York production house Shoot To Kill NYC to film it. It’s being promoted in some NCAA advertising, as well as via digital advertising and owned channels. New episodes will roll out in the coming months.

If that’s the kind of programming that floats your boat and you’re not already one of the several millions of consumers who has access via an LG Smart TV you might want to go out and buy one. Or maybe not, especially if you just invested in a new set with a Roku operating system for example.

Either way, consumers would seem to be a good place vis a vis content coming from sources expected and not so expected.

There is more quality programming available than ever. No one can possibly watch it all, and consumers will make choices when there’s a cost attached.

Netflix? Probably. Love Sandra Bullock and can’t wait to stream her new film "The Lost City?" Well, you may have to plunk down some extra bucks for Paramount+.

Stories of fierce college rivalries you may not already know about? See above.

The LG Smart TV streaming package has 190 channels across multiple genres including news, sports, comedy, movies and narrower ones like design and karaoke. Some of the content is original and some of it is repackaged like old segments from the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Commenting on the new NCAA series, John Long, executive creative director at HS Ad, said “we looked at the LG ecosystem and reach, and found a way to leverage it for something more innovative and interesting,” than just running ads during the Tournament.

And for some consumers, that's just the ticket they are looking for.

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